COVID-19 Pandemic Update

Latest Announcement due
to COVID-19 Pandemic 


Dear Friends and colleagues,

As time goes by, it becomes more and more obvious that the together VT meeting initially scheduled in Bordeaux on June 19-20 th will not happen due to the COVID situation. This is particularly frustrating, but the French President made it clear 2 days ago, as no public meetings will be allowed in France before mid-July at best. The organization committee, after considering the different possible options, has decided to post pone the meeting by a year. The presently considered date is therefore June 18-19th 2021, still in Bordeaux. In the mean-time, our thoughts are going to families that have been impacted by this terrible pandemic. Please, keep safe, better days are to come.

The Scientific Committee


4 things you need to know about Together VT

1- Registrations are open!

Early birds up to April 20th, 2020
Open to physicians, nurses, students and patients

2- Submit your abstract now

End of submission: April 6th, 2020

  • All abstracts must be submitted in English
  • Only abstracts based on valid studies’ results will be selected
  • The abstract should not exceed 400 words
  • Abstracts topics : VT/VPB Ablation, VT/VPB mapping, Substrate, Imaging, Cardiac condition, New technology, Heart Failure, Channelopathies, Risk Stratification

3- Take your chance submit your VT Case

If you are a young EP committed to VT ablation, or overall management, we warmly invite you to send your most painful failure or your hardest VT case, that will be selected for presentation and subsequent debate in a dedicated session.

4- Organize your venue

Do you need help to plan your journey?General information are available on general information page