What to do in Leiden

Leiden has much to offer. Explore this beautiful city.

City of Science

Science flourishes in Leiden. Leiden University was founded in 1575, making it the oldest university in the Netherlands. In addition, the Leiden Bio Science Park, the largest life sciences & health cluster in the Netherlands, is also located in Leiden. There is therefore always an interface with the city.

A city full of culture

Leiden is a city full of cultural heritage. The world famous Dutch Painter Rembrandt van Rijn was born in the city. In addition, Leiden is the third largest museum city in the Netherlands and has four national museums with extraordinary collections, which have emerged from discoveries made here in the city. If you walk through the city along the canals, you will find yourself in the middle of history. There is no other city in the Netherlands that has so much special features within walking distance.

Discover Leiden